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Medication Management Therapy – Columbus, Ohio.

Even after trying counseling and other therapies, many people still need to take certain medications to help ease symptoms from anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, the inability to sleep at night, and many more. But how do you know if you’re taking the best medications for you, and in the correct doses?

Holistic Wellness Solutions offers Medication Management Therapy in Columbus, Ohio, to determine if patients are receiving the best outcomes from the prescription medications they are taking.

Who does Medication Management help?

According to an online article about medication management, medication non-adherence, including skipping dosages and not taking prescriptions as instructed, causes about 125,000 deaths each year. Since the typical older adult takes between 14 and 18 different prescriptions each year, you can imagine how troubling this is to doctors and mental health counselors alike.

How does Medication Management work?

The goal of Medication Management Therapy is to educate patients, limit the chance of abuse and make sure all meds are being used as prescribed.



We will consult with you and review your prescriptions, their interactions with each other and the potential side effects. We want you to have the best chance of managing your symptoms with the smallest risk of adverse side effects.

Genetic Testing

DNA testing provides a better understanding of which medications may work best for you, based on your genetic makeup, and which medicines are incompatible and have the potential to interfere with your genetic profile.

Treatment Plans

Therapists and counselors are instrumental in helping patients develop self-care skills in medication management. We can assess your daily activities, habits, and cognition to determine the treatment plan with the most improved outcome potential.


After choosing medicines that are genetically proven to work best for you, we monitor your adherence to self-management and gather information to help improve future prescribing decisions.

What are the benefits Medication Management?

Trying multiple medications to treat mental health issues can be frustrating, and sometimes make matters worse. Medication Management Therapy promotes personalized medication to replace trial and error and shorten your road to recovery.

Not sure if you’re taking the right medications? Worried about potentially negative drug interactions? Contact Holistic Wellness Solutions to find out more about the Medication Management Therapy we offer in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you suffer from OCD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, trauma or another issue, our goal is to help you manage your meds effectively so you can live a healthier life.



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